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Perks, Online Software and Resources

Joining is free, and there are many free perks, such as free email support with advice on language, dialects and cultural issues. Translate Your Captions is part of the series of online software and services found in the Global Director Center. Some online software in the Global Director Center are free, others are inexpensive. All are geared toward your success in internationalizing your captions, your offerings, and your company. By joining, you can use as much or as little of the software and services as you choose.

After you try Translate Your Captions to control the translation of your captions, then the Global Director Center helps you do more, such as becoming a mini-subtitling company for web movies and internet channels. You can even work globally.


What You Can Do

Fill in the gaps in your existing language team, and become empowered with do-it-yourself control to:

* Translate your captions
* Request a qualified, professional translator
* Turn your captions into subtitled web movies
* Download srt file for YouTube
* Expand your subtitling to product demos and corporate videos
* Translate an online training course
* Run your captions through automated translation software


Translate Your Captions and the Global Director Center were developed by @International Services, preferred vendor to Microsoft, Intel, Universal Studios, Cisco Systems, and the Fortune 500, and member of the Better Business Bureau and Chambers of Commerce. Twenty years of @International Services experience has been poured into every element, every software, every translator listed in the Directory. All to enable you to expand your business by adding language to your offerings.








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