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The Captioner Experience

Captioners do what they do best: caption the video. Then they export one of a variety of file formats. Translate Your Captions will import the file and create exactly what the translator needs:

  • A place online to translate while watching the video, including glossary and Quality Assurance features, or

  • Export a file as Microsoft Word or Excel to be translated on the translator's desktop, then re-imported back into Translate Your Captions for reviewing the translation over the video.

The translation and the original language will be saved in a private, secure database that is yours alone. The timecodes for the translation will be identical to the original language timecodes, unless you prefer otherwise.

Translators can only access their specific project in their language. If desired, the translator’s work can be proofed by other people, including your client, or another translator. For other options, click a button to request a review - or find a translator for your project - from the Directory of Translators.

When the translation is finished, the captioner receives the results:

  • A file in the new language exactly like the original
  • Another type of file for one or both languages
  • Edit lists in various formats for YouTube, DVDs or Flash


The Translator Experience

Translators log in, type a password, then translate what they see. Simple as that!

Translate Your Captions assures that the translator sees the right video, if available, to match the original captioner's timecodes. In the translation environment, the caption text appears in two columns with rows: the original language text on the left, and the translation on the right. Once the translation is inserted into the rows, the translation can be viewed as subtitles over the video or over a blank screen with proper timing. This ability to see subtitles on-screen points out text length that is too long to read within the time it appears on screen; it also speeds the proofreading process and improves results.

Translate Your Captions is perfect for professional translators and amateurs. This online software has built-in Quality Control features especially for translators, such as text length control, foreign spellchecks, vocabulary glossaries, and quality features. Additionally, the translator can work in MS Word or Excel, then import the results into Translate Your Captions, all in a way that is easier to manage because this software is created specifically for the translation process. When completely done, push a button to create either a file for re-import into the captioner's software, or another type of edit list for captioning, YouTube, DVD, or subtitling.