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Translate Your Captions is a remarkable way to stimulate communication with new audiences and to increase your revenue. This software may be exactly what you and your clients need to broaden your reach. From corporations to churches, television to employee training, this is the place to integrate new languages into your business without the pain often associated with translation and with almost no effort by the captioner.


Online Software

Translate Your Captions is an online software created specifically to help you control translation, costs and results. Starting from a captioning file, any translator - professional or amateur - located anywhere in the world, can translate it into other languages.

Need a translator? Click to request a qualified, professional translator from the Directory of Translators. Global corporations may enjoy using in-house personnel to translate. And non-profit organizations often ask volunteers.

Translate Your Captions enables quick and easy initiation of new translators because there is no training required, nothing to install, nothing to download. And Translate Your Captions includes special features for professional translators - features not available with most captioning software - such as language glossaries, foreign spellchecks, and more.

As an added bonus for the budget-conscious, you can click to use automated translation by language software in over a dozen languages, then ask your in-house personnel or volunteers to "clean" the automated translation. Ask us for the secrets to most successful automated translation.


Translation cycles

Translate Your Captions is designed to complement your existing captioning software. It makes the translation process easier, renders translated results that import back into your software, download as ready-to-use subtitled web movies or elements for DVDs. It offers worldwide access for translators, reviewers and clients to participate in the process. The translators can be next door or across the globe. With a password, your clients, another translator, or a professional reviewer ordered from the Directory of Translators can review the translation. An approval cycle finalizes the workflow and you can download the finished product.


Professional Support

You are not alone. You have full customer service and language support including free email support on language issues, dialects, cultures and advice. If you have questions, just click. If you want a reviewer for your translation, just click. If you need a translator, the Directory of Translators lists highly experienced translators for business, technical, medical and media; all generally certified, accredited, tested and approved.